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Message no. 426, signed monday 03. july 2000 14:26:28.
Message no. 425, signed sunday 25. june 2000 18:37:25.
Name: Kenneth bisgaard jensen
Floorballclub: Hotshots
Country: Denmark
hollo my father was i norway to wfc 2000
as matriale kepper for denmark and his apenion was good
Message no. 424, signed tuesday 13. june 2000 10:34:59.
Name: shiri

Message no. 423, signed tuesday 13. june 2000 00:43:38.
Name: Az......Say My Name...Say My Name....
Floorballclub: TazSilian Arowana/Phirana
Country: Sunny island sat in the sea....Singapura.....
hie again

i forgot to congraduate to Swedish floorball team n taka and his finnish team mates,...well done to be in de finals.....

for the Division 2 teams...great work...
welcome to the floorball family Poland & G.Britain....Good work Germany.....and for our continent team, Japan....great improvement guys...Ichi Bun.....for me...kanasai...ahakz....

sorry for that long comment anyway... i dont knoe how am i going to convey it to de BIG PEOPLE down help ur self to tell them k....Banana.....The Army loves U....
Vig n proud of u people
eh yeah...where is Sharsi my man..??

Congrates n thanxs to Norwegian Floorball association for this beautiful, up-to date, well-organized homepage...n also weel done...(thumb-up for all ur warm host to all those who have had been there....including Steffan..n..errr...Jill rite...ahakz...

Cheers U

Message no. 422, signed tuesday 13. june 2000 00:29:11.
Name: Az......Say My Name...Say My Name....
Floorballclub: TazSilian Arowana/Phirana
Country: Singapore
Wei Hie....

so hows everybody getting on..???...De world cup is over...Sweden Team...great work...wish i was there cheering ur team like back there in Prague....but sorry people, not this year...coz we Singapore Man's National Floorball team was strike out ONE MONTH b4 we were suppose to depart to Oslo....very 'honoured' to do it...we were glad we were not there...coz why..???...becoz if not...THE SFA SAYS that WE MIGHT DISGRACE DE NATIONS...HEY U SFA MANAGEMENT...U PEOPLE JUST KNOE HOW TO MAKE UR SELF AND DE NATION FEELS GREAT RITE.???? SO BE IT...FEEL GREAT THAT WE ARE STAYING BACK HERE AND SURFING DE NET EVERY NOW AND THEN TO CHECK FER DE SCORE N DE STATS...ANYWAY..I DOONT THINK U PEOPLE EVEN HAVE TIME FER SURFING COZ U R BZ WIF UR OTHER COMMITMENT RITE....NOT EVEN DROPING AT OUR TRAINING ARENA....NOT KNOEING WHO UR PLAYERS....WATS THEIR NEEDS..ERR...N CAN U NAME AT LEAST 5 NEW BOYS WHO HAVE JOIN DE TEAM..???....U EVEN MISPRONOUNCE UR SENIOR PLAYERS NAME...I GUESSS U HAVE TOO MANY NAMES N TOO MANY WERK LOAD TO DO RITE....YEAH YEAH sorry people of de world...this comments sux big time...but i guess im still sore to wat de SFA had done to de national teams...Japan Floorball...heard that our ex-national coach is heading there rite..???....if Coach Anwar....ur reading this....good luck sir..u made de rite choice...i was dissapointed at u but thats de way it shd be, if they dont like de way u work, u go...hey Singapore Guys....if only theres North Singapore Or South Singapore...i would have run over to de other nation and play fer them (ahakz~)...but no...we are here only with one i hope we will stand together...train harder...make our way to de next WC...i hope so..if only SFA would not have to cook up another story for the world to listen and i being Fuck-up here..???...yes i am....coz u SFA wanne play ur way...we give u ur way...sorry if im being too abusive, its a free speech area....dont like it??..hate it.???mail it to me......ok....

anyway... special thanxs to mark, Jonas 'Silan' n Magnus fer bein able to be at de Takashimaya open....and not forgeting Steffan....u have been a great man....for that Taka Tounament liven up de floorball spirit here...

Yeah anyway....lastly(i hope im not too long-winded wch i knoe i am..)...SFA, if u people know wat that SFA means...ITS SINGAPORE FLOORBALL ASSOCIATION.....and not any other games..dont compare us to any other games...if u think that back in de 60's u all have a heart breaking moment when u were not allowed to go for that tournament...feel it for us too...the 23 of us..maybe more....if thats how u people gonna work...i guess Abdullah Tarmugi have to be in here and have some saying....we can never be better if we keep thinking of how we fare in the past...coz the past is for us learn not to follow....hey yeah one more very last thing...the national team is made up of mostly de generation X & Y baby if u have done ur home work...we are the fiery peole deep inside who wanne go for doubious win..not looking at it from the if u happen to read this comment or naybody..please sit down n sit down....dont go any where...coz the Singapore floorball is gonna take its fiery flight....See u guys in WC 2002....we miss all those who made it to Oslo...thank God im still here...ok

Cheers U

Message no. 421, signed sunday 11. june 2000 18:38:27.
Name: Lefa
Floorballclub: Nasse
Country: Finland
Nasse on paras!
Message no. 420, signed thursday 08. june 2000 16:46:39.
Name: Andrea Schmid
Floorballclub: sporting club Schaffhausen equipe Unihockey
Country: Schweiz
Let`s go, let`s fight, Let`s schtroumpf
Message no. 419, signed monday 05. june 2000 13:34:28.
Når kommer "picture gallery"?
Message no. 418, signed monday 05. june 2000 09:58:01.
Name: Minna
Country: Finland
Well here's my message...
We (fans of Team Finland in Drammen and of course in Oslo) want to thank You for all arrangements especially in Drammen. Even Sweden won again, you made great WFC 2000. See you in Helsinki in two years!

Hilsen fra Nanna, Mikko, Topi and Minna

Message no. 417, signed monday 05. june 2000 09:49:44.
Name: Minna
Country: Finland
Hi there
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