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E-cup 2004
3.kamp grunnspill 9/1-04
UHC Rot Weiss Chur - Greåker IBK  8- 4 (2-0,3-3,3-1)
Stadthalle i Weißenfels
Tilskuere: ca.250
 1- 0 (05:37) Kern, Rolf  
 2- 0 (19:39) Cadisch, Andreas (Engel, Thomas)
 2- 1 (26:26) Kristoffersen, Frank (Fauskanger, Willy)
 3- 1 (29:43) Kern, Rolf (Engel, Thomas)
 4- 1 (30:44) Battaglia, France (Cadisch, Andreas)
 4- 2 (32:02) Viktorsson, Patrik (Erik Torp, Lars)
 4- 3 (33:21) Skau, Stian (Gustavsson, Truls)
 5- 3 (39:12) Engel, Thomas (Cadisch, Andreas)
 6- 3 (43:16) Cadisch, Andreas (Felix, Florian)
 6- 4 (45:37) Fernö, Edvard (Viktorsson, Patrik)
 7- 4 (47:27) Brägger, Andy (Kern, Rolf)
 8- 4 (55:05) Engel, Thomas (Brägger, Andy)
Utv.: Greåker 3x2min, Rot Weiss ingen
Skudd: 28-18
Dommere: Lubomir Simon og Ivo Neuwirth (Tsjekkia)

The Swiss master pushed through in the fight against Greaker IBK

The Swiss frontrunners pushed through themselves in a strong match with a final score of 8:4. Thus they preserved the chances of reaching the first place in the league. With the two goals, scored by Rolf Kern und Andreas Cadish, the Swiss decided the match with 2:0 for themselves. Frank Kristoffersen scored for his team the connecting goal in the 7th minute of the second period. But then the Swiss didn’t want to offer any more doubts about their ambitions for the title. They ran ahead and scored 4:1 by the 11th minute. Although the Norwegians could improve the goal difference up to 4:3 within three minutes, they did not have the possibility to reach the lead. Thomas Engel scored with the help of Andy Biagger the goal for the final score of 8:4.

Best players : Chur: Rolf Kern / Greaker IBK: Stian Skau

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