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E-cup 2004
2.kamp grunnspill 8/1-04
Greåker IBK  - Outlaws FFK   10- 7 (3-2,4-3,3-2)
Stadthalle i Weißenfels
Tilskuere: ca.200
 1- 0 (03:03) Andre Isnes, Jørn      (Viktorsson, Patrik)
 1- 1 (04:07) A. Lundgren, Jerker    (Bach Christensen, Lars)
 1- 2 (07:13) Djurvall, Henrik
 2- 2 (13:54) Kristoffersen, Frank   (Skau, Stian)
 3- 2 (22:07) Erik Sikkeland, Lars   (Skau, Stian)
 3- 3 (26:25) Graugaard, Ronni       (Bach Christensen, Lars)
 4- 3 (26:45) Fauskanger, Willy      (Kristoffersen, Frank)
 4- 4 (28:03) Haagensen, Kim         (Hansen, Dennis)
 5- 4 (28:46) Kristoffersen, Frank   (Skau, Stian)
 5- 5 (34:24) A. Lundgren, Jerker
 6- 5 (36:20) Stang, Paal            (Kristoffersen, Frank)
 7- 5 (37:32) Erik Sikkeland, Lars
 8- 5 (45:44) Fernö, Edvard          (Viktorsson, Patrik)
 8- 6 (47:23) Jespersen, Lars        (Bach Christensen, Lars)
 9- 6 (48:50) Fauskanger, Willy      (Kristoffersen, Frank)
 9- 7 (51:53) Haagensen, Kim         (A. Lundgren, Jerker)
10- 7 (58:56) Kristoffersen, Frank   (Anderzon, Andreas)
Utv.: Greåker 4x2min, Outlaws 2x2min
Skudd: 32-27
Dommere: Magnus Nordahl og Ulf Rehnfeldt (Sverige)

The last spectators could watch a brilliant match in the sports hall of Weißenfels

Both teams wanted to rehabilitate their opening defeats and started therefore highly- motivated the final match this evening. The close performance qualities could already be observed in the first period. Due to hard duels none of the teams offered open spaces. The short Greaker leadership l:0 was equalized by Bach Christensen from the Outlaws. A balanced score of 2:2 was reached at the end of the period. The second period was extremely exciting because leadership changed constantly between both teams. After the Danish Outlaws had achieved a balanced score of 5:5 in the 15 th minute, the Norwegian neighbours took over the lead with two more goals, shot only within 72 seconds. The score was 7:5 (17.32). Both teams could not approve the previous strength at the end of the last period. Frank Kristofersen (Greaker) scored the final 10:7, shooting towards an empty goal without any goalkeeper.

Best players: Greaker IBK: Lars Erik Sikkeland (#6) / Outlaws FFK: Bach Christensen (#11)

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